Upper Keys Rotary Foundation Hurricane Relief
Upper Keys Rotary Foundation Hurricane Relief

Upper Keys Rotary Foundation Hurricane Irma Recovery Fund Donations (for fund requests... scroll down)

Rotarians are local community leaders who pledge to test the things they say and do against rules like “Is it the truth?” and “Is it fair to all concerned.”  The Rotary Club of the Upper Keys has about 90 members who are deeply involved in every facet of life in the Florida Keys. And, we intimately understand what Hurricane Irma did to the Keys.


The Rotary Club of the Upper Keys Foundation is a decades-old 501(c)(3) with a history of philanthropy in places like Haiti, Uganda, and South America.  We also provide substantial scholarships to students within our community.


Now it’s time to help our community in a different way.  We Rotarians see that the needs change daily. Ice, water, and gas are taken care of throughout the Keys.  This week the needs are tarps, rope, soap, bleach, gloves, and hats.  Next week the real needs will be chairs, beds, building materials, and places for workers to live. After that, the real needs will become store cards for Home Depot, CVS, Publix, and Winn-Dixie.  


Rotarians are in the community every waking moment of the day. They see what is needed right then for Irma recovery and can adjust the benefits and activities. The Rotary Club of the Upper Keys Foundation operates with zero overhead.  No one is paid. The Club absorbs all costs.  But, we have excellent skills and lines of communications.


Every penny of a contribution you make using the “Donate” button below will go to help residents of the Florida Keys recover from the destruction brought by Hurricane Irma.  


This PayPal donation button allows you to use practically any credit account and to contribute practically any amount.  PayPal will provide you with a receipt.


Thank you for your help!   



Donation Request Form

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www.UpperKeysRotary. org

 The Rotary Club of the Upper Keys has set up a separate checking account to accept donations to be used specific to the l ong-term needs of those i n the Florida Keys impacted from Hurri cane Irma. Upper Keys Rotary, through its foundation , a 501(c)(3) not-for-profi t, is accepting application s to support long-term rebui ld projects (e.g. granti ng a not-for-profit organization with funding for a project not covered by i n surance).
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Note: If your organization is funded under this program , you wi l l be asked to document how these funds were used.
Please Complete form and e-mai l to upperkeysrotary@gmail.com or mail to
Upper Keys Rotary, P.O. Box  1 124, Tavernier, FL 33070.
Deadline to apply is Dec. 31, 2017.